Going for the Gold

by Jeanne

GRKFLAGLet the Games begin! Here’s a roundup of some good readings on Greek food history in general and as it relates to the Olympics and other tidbits including a few recipes.

Snails, olive oil and wine are some of the most crucial components of the cuisine of Greece’s largest island. Other staples include bread, legumes and savoury pies. (Athens News)

The influences (not definitive the writer states) on Greek food, the importations from other cultures, the influence of individuals, an overview of the main events that have shaped what we call Greek food. (The Age-Australia)

Greek food during the Olympics circa 1896 and how it was reclaimed. (Washington Post)

In antiquity, Olympic athletes were fed well and carefully, says Francine Segan, author of The Philosopher’s Kitchen. But what did athletes and spectators eat at the original Olympics? (USA Today)

Meze is the granddaddy to tapas.
(Boston Herald)

Greeks have long played a central role in the food business, there are only a handful of fine Greek restaurants in New York. (Newsday)