Friday Fry#1

by Jeanne

Friday Fry is my answer to the end of the week post. By the end of the week I’m fried. Also as a news junkie there’s probably one or two news-related leftovers that I didn’t get a chance to work into the postings.

Growing up just outside of Boston often suggests of citizenship in Red Sox Nation. You just can’t grow up in the area and not be a fan. It’s impossible. We live with the ups and downs, the ups, ups, ups and downs. Memories are recalled in relation to the Red Sox. The year I graduated college? It was the world series.

So it is with anticipation, hope and a full awareness that we fans eagerly watch what is turning out to be history. The Curse of the Bambino is quite possibly over. It is over. How else do you explain what has happen this week? The article gave me goose bumps of magic. Baseball, a boy, Manny, a full moon and the house that Babe Ruth lived in. The Red Sox are the team to watch. I get so excited I cry tears of happiness. Oh, and that other team on that same magical night? They lost 22-0.

Brigham’s the New England premium ice cream company recently released Reverse the Curse ice cream features Brigham’s signature vanilla ice cream loaded with chocolate covered peanuts or “baseballs,” chocolate covered caramel “bases,” and swirls of Brigham’s famous fudge sauce.

Take me out to the ballpark for peanuts and wine? I’m all for choice but an wine doesn’t quite fit in to the food experience of a ball game. Beer, please–a microbrew if you have it.

In response to dwindling attendance number an Anglican bishop in northern England hopes to draw worshippers back to church with chocolate bars and invitations. The marketing effort includes distributing a business card-style invitations and goody bags filled with fair-trade chocolate. Will there be a ROI reading at the end of Mass?

One of the cheap thrills of international travel is checking out local snack foods. Canadian Bert Christensen has collected a list of the World’s 9 Worst Convenience Foods including Nestlé’s Musk Scent LifeSavers, clam jerky, and corned mutton with juices. I don’t know if am up to these taste sensations.