Friday Fry #3

by Jeanne


A rags to riches story via Businessweek of liquor importer Sidney Frank caught my eye this week. He’s sold off Grey Goose to Bacardi Ltd. for $2 billion in June. Mr. Frank, he’s over 80 and going strong, also had great success with Jägermeister. Now he’s planning to launch a line of Sicilian wines and 50-proof cognac in flavors such as apple, pear, and orange, which he aims to call Tippet — the nickname of his first wife. As a marketing professional I like profiles such as Mr. Franks. As a woman, I disdain his other contribution to our culture, Jägerettes. I know there are Jägerdudes but well, whatever it’s all how people are wired in a bar environment. “I have great taste buds, and I keep them sharp — in food, wine, and women.” says Mr. Frank on his success.

A group of wine-growers from north-eastern Spain has asked permission to drop the name Costa Brava from their place of origin due to all the British package tours that flock to the area. The La Vanguardia newspaper, says, “It suggests apartment blocks, massed tourists, puke outside discotheques … no wine in the world wants to carry that around with it.”

As the organic food industry becomes more mainstream corporate food giants are getting in on the business. Something I watch as I am cynical by nature. Forbes features an organic food company slide show entitled “The Naturals”,

It’s short and simple but really draws out the market potential of this category. If you think it’s all mom and pops this will give you a context. It’s a fascinating category to watch. A few of the profiles offered here are

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Robert’s American Gourmet, snack foods started out years ago simply as a healthful alternative to chips with products such as Veggie Booty and the very popular Pirate’s Booty.

Organic Valley a cooperative of 619 farmers that aims to support and promote a sustainable U.S. family farming industry

A fascinating statistic, frozen and prepared meals account for nearly 45% of all sales. Amy’s Kitchen manufacturers of vegetarian frozen and prepared meals is a $100 million dollar enterprise.

Niman now has 400 livestock operations is now trying to establish a new channel with direct sales.

Ah…as the work week comes to a close and our minds turn toward toward getting our groove back. This Modesto Bee writer talks about the power of preparing chocolate chip cookies and achieving inner peace. Cookie Monster would agree.