Friday Fry #6

by Jeanne

Today is National Fluffernutter Day. Spread some of this marshmallow product and peanut butter on white bread and celebrate this very American treat!

Haute Coutre Pastry Upscale Parisian pâtisserie shops such as Pierre Hermé, Lenôtre, Hédiard, Fauchon and Ladurée have been offering twice-yearly collections of new cakes and cookies. This season Ladurée offers a gingerbread macaroon among other new flavors. The article reveals marketing tactics of Ladurée’s including the management team led by two former fashion professionals, who formerly worked at Thierry Mugler and Sonia Rykiel. The article details other fall flavors of the competing pastry houses.

Grande Growth Recently on my way back from a early morning trip back from Seattle I was in need of coffee which meant lining up at Starbucks. After settling into my seat and before take off I took the remaining coffee with me to the rest room. After coming out of the restroom I looked at the flight attendant, paper cup in hand and ask where I could dispose of the empty cup. He looked at me and he mentioned that he didn’t see me going in with the cup. I stated that Starbucks had a shop inside. Hey, it made him laugh. According to a recent Newsweek article there’s 5,945 stores in the United States and 2,392 more overseas and in Canada. CEO Howard Schultz says the company plans to double the current number of U.S. stores to nearly 12,000!. The plan is to speed up its rollout of drive-throughs and kiosks at airports and supermarkets. That’s a lotta latte.

Wine Spectator online provides a look inside the recent business challenges that have been facing Robert Mondavi Corporation. Layoffs and a restructuring to focus entirely on $15 a bottle and lower, large-production brands such as Woodbridge, Robert Mondavi Private Selection and La Famiglia from California, as well as Kirralaa from Australia are crushing the winery staff. Mondavi is looking to sell the Byron and Arrowood wineries and vineyards in California, and its 50-percent stakes in Opus One in Napa Valley, Viña Seña in Chile and Ornellaia and Luce della Vite in Italy.

When is beer not a beer? Anheuser-Busch is introducing a caffeinated, sweet-flavored beer for club goers. It’s positioned to compete with flavored rums and vodkas gaining market share with 20-somethings. I must be getting old this just sounds flat out wrong.

Simply Simply Cèpes In addition to the goat farm food fantasy another is foraging for truffles and wild mushrooms in France or Italy. Cèpes are known as porcini mushrooms in Italy and Steinpilzen in Germany. According, to this article “no one has yet succeeded in commercially cultivating these mushrooms.”