Friday Fry #10

by Jeanne


Latin Hunk Aaron Sanchez, owner and executive chef of Paladar, in New York City, was recently on the “Today” show to share some traditional dishes for Dia de los Muertos. (article & video)

Chile-Inspired Chocolate      Artisan chocolates made by Dagoba Organic Chocolate in exotic flavors such as lavender, lime and mint have won several awards. The newest variety, a chile-flavored dark chocolate called Xocolatl, is unbelievably scrumptious. So much so that the company reports it is selling so well that they "can’t make it fast enough." RECIPE: Dagoba Lavender Chocolate Flourless Torte

Learning How     If you find yourself inspired and wanting to learn more about Oaxacan cooking Susanna Trilling’s 13-part PBS series explores the history, place and how-to of Oaxacan cooking.

Oaxaca — Why not?     The Times-Picayune article provides a sense of place via all senses.