Vote with Your Fork

by Jeanne

Nogmo On my list of things to do this weekend was to catch up on the news of Slow Food’s Terra Madre event.  Well, Julia at Mariquita Farms has done such a great job.  As a thank-you I’ll put in a plug for their husband Farmer Andy Griffin’s free bi-weekly newsletter.  They started the newsletter in 1999 because "we saw a demand for information about where and how food is produced, especially sustainably-grown food."   I’ll just add the link for Alice Waters Speech.

Along the same theme on Thursday night a few friends(J&J and H) and I went to a benefit opening of the documentary, The Future of Food (there’s a trailer available). It was a great San Francisco eco-food event to benefit Slow Food.  There was a mix of organic farmers, local chefs, food journalists, activists and foodies.  I was loving the names that were popping up in conversations around me, "I’m working with Traci (Des Jardin)…well, when Thomas (Keller) did "the book" I was asked to prepare the pate de choux dessert…there’s Alice (Waters), oh look there’s Nigel (Eatwell) and Michael Pollan…on and on it went. The film finally started albeit late.  The film is the work of Deborah Koons Garcia (yes, Jerry’s wife) and is all about GMO (genetically modified organism) foods.  It’s educational, compelling and inspiring.  Know what you eat and vote with your fork.  And yes, see the film–in San Francisco it’s at the Roxie. For more background on GMOs read this perspective over at Organic Gardening.   What a great evening that could only happen here in The City by the bay.