by Jeanne

Happynewyear I’m going on a short break.  To be honest with the few of you who I know are regularly readers, I’m not sure when I’ll be back to World on a Plate–for a number of reasons, primarily because I don’t think my style of writing fits the blog style.

The New Year brings about all kinds of beginnings, endings and evaluations.  So it is time for me to reconsider why I started this endeavor.  For those of you who don’t know I started this blog in order to integrate the discipline of writing into my creative life. The longer term and larger goal is to write professionally about food.  For the past six months I have seen an improvement in my writing, editing and research efforts. So the personal creative goal has been accomplished. I now have a portfolio of essays that I can potentially market.

However, part of the creative process is being acknowledged for the work and effort that is put forth.  We live in the Western world and validation is what makes us show up everyday.  I’ve come to realize after closer examination of many successful food blogs, that in the world of food blogging what appears to succeed is being a food diarist. This is great, if that’s what you are and that’s unfortunately, not what I am.   

I put a lot of research and time into my writing pieces and I’m not entirely sure that that’s what blog readers are looking for due to a myriad of time commitments and competing interests.  I think to be successful at food blogging one might have to have more time to devote to engage in the larger food blogging world.  This is tough for me after a 14-16 hour day job and commute.  In the new year I need to better manage a balance between work and personal so that I can put food on my plate.

Needless to say, I’ve had great fun learning and creating and that’s made the last six months worthwhile.

I’ll decide after the New Year where, if anywhere World on the Plate fits on to my plate.

Happy New Year!


PS:  Since I’m being more of diarist (and I’m not!) I will share with you my other website of photography.