Freakin’ Flay

by Jeanne

Imagedb How is this possible?  In a MSNBC report Bobby Flay is going to open an American brassiere.  To quote the man, "This is American food as it really is. It’s not a restaurant that takes its influence from Europe or Asia. True American food is underexplored. A lot of Americans don’t know what American food is — it’s not just macaroni and cheese and hot dogs."  So you’re opening a diner?  Are there no limits to this mans lack of knowledge on the food, history and culture of American food?  David Rosengarten would disagree–as would I but really who am I?  I’ll give him the benefit of doubt, possibly he’s opening up a Native American restaurant?

I’m not even go to comment too much on the results of last Sunday’s Iron Chef.  Flay showed no respect to Bayless nor his staff.  Watching the chefs in action spoke a thousand words.  Bayless was a picture of professionalism–even pausing to give a small lesson in chile peppers on camera. Flay was running around yelling at his staff and exhibiting only small periods of control.  And how was it that the judges had several negative comments on Flay’s dishes yet awarded him the same point level as Bayless?  eGullet serves up the commentary.

What was intriguing was the fact that the judges and Alton Brown know so little about true Mexican cooking.  America we have a lot to learn get out your chiles, comal and metate and let’s get cooking.