French Women Do Eat

by Jeanne

Fwdgf Mireille Guiliano’s day job is President and CEO of Clicquot Inc.  Born and raised in France and today a Manhattanite she is doing her part to mediate the current state of US-France relations with the release of French Women Don’t Get Fat:  The Secret of Eating for Pleasure.  Un peu cookbook, un peu memoir the 263-page book reveals differences in attitudes that French and American women have about food.  In the book she states, "French women typically think of good things to eat.  American women typically worry about bad things to eat."  Hmm, would that be bad things that are good to eat or good things that are bad to eat (donuts vs. steamed broccoli).

Secrets of French women include not depriving yourself but allowing yourself small amounts of indulgences; being mindful of what you are eating–don’t eat while watching TV, driving or talking on the phone or reading the paper.  Sensible and seasonal eating for joie de vivre. 

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