by Jeanne

After completing the chocolate series this week I had a few odds and ends remaining that I thought merited sharing.  Although a bit late for Valentine’s Day these gifts are suitable for any time of the year:

Chocolate Smarts Game – a box of 60 question and answer cards such as ‘Which cocoa beans are the best?’; ‘What’s the best way to melt chocolate?’ and What country consumes the most chocolate?’  Guaranteed to raise your chocolate IQ.  ($16.95)

ChocoWit – each individually wrapped Belgian chocolate contains a special message. There are over a 100 different messages to collect.  (12 pieces; $19.50)

Woodhouse Chocolate – is the latest indulgence from Napa of small-batch handmade chocolates. The box reminds me of a bit of the Laduree Bonaparte macaroon box. The couple behind the nearly two year old chocolatier was inspired by the film, ‘Chocolat’ starring Juliette Binochet. A One pound-box of mixed chocolates will be sure to delight at $48.