Loco for Coco

by Jeanne

Vitacoco_1 Coconut water promises to be the next trend in beverages that we all go nuts over. Apparently, it’s a long kept powerful antidote. First sold in Brazil over five years ago it is second in popularity to orange juice. According to the manufacturers of Vita Coco, "The coconut water phenomenon has been kept a secret from Americans for centuries, not because of its evident benefits to the enjoyer, but because of the difficulty in packaging coconut water and preventing it from oxidizing."  Coconut water is not the same as coconut milk. Coconut water is extracted from young, green coconuts. Coconut milk comes from the meat of the nut.  It is also free of  fat and cholesterol, contains more potassium than two bananas (for and alkalizing minerals such as magnesium and calcium.  Runners, gym-goers and athletes look for this new natural energy drink for a change in your routine. I suppose it could also make a tasty lower fat umbrella drink.  Taste Report