Play Ball!

by Jeanne

Whar_1 Although the calendar states that it’s Spring weather wise it hasn’t sprung in many places.  One sure sign that it’s coming is the ‘spring forward’ of the clocks last night.  The other is the baseball season opener tonight between the defending world champions, The Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees.

This week is all about baseball. This past Friday night, a few friends and I attended a SF Giants and Oakland A’s exhibition game.  Aside from the fact that a Sierra Nevada costs $8.00 a cup it was a fun game with the Giants pulling in the win in the 10th.  The Giants finished up in first place in National League pre-season activity. 

Thursday night I’ll return to PacBell Park (or whatever the name is this season) to the Giants in the LA Dodgers series. Both events have come courtesy of W. Thursday night we’ll be a luxury box as she won an office drawing.

So let the season begin, let the soap opera that is the longstanding rivalry resume.  April 11,  Red Sox nation will savor the moment when the players receive their championship rings on the Fenway Park diamond at the home opener–against the Yankees.  Play Ball! 

Baseball’s Creation Myths – Boston Globe, 4/3/05

It’s a "brand" new ballgame – Boston Globe, 4/3/05:  "The 105th Red Sox season begins tonight at Yankee Stadium, and the team you will see opposing the Yankees is not your father’s Red Sox. That "B" is no longer just the logo of a baseball team. It is a cultural phenomenon emblematic of community and capitalism, the two blended seamlessly and seemingly without limits by an enterprising ownership and a willing fan base."

Image: Baseball Almanac