Abalone to Zungenwurst

by Jeanne

Ramblings of cranky woman.

It’s been quite a week.  Very low lows and high highs. Emotionally speaking–some of it just too personal to reveal here. Other events too boring to detail out–such as my tax bill, and the BIG marketing strategy presentation that needs to be pulled together in less than 72 hours. And there goes most of my weekend.  And I find PowerPoint dangerously linear. Although David Byrne’s view of the presentation software is intriguing and pleasing to me.  My hope is that this strategy will be implemented but this corporate citizen knows that when a bunch of men (really there’s no woman in senior management, but I won’t start up on that) get in a big board room egos and any sense of sound business process seem to be left at the door.  Anyway, I’m learning to hold no expectations of corporate success but just do my best job.  I had my first 100% leaded coffee in three in a half months due to all these machinations.  Quite a delicious cafe con leche from San Francisco’s newsest cafe via Cafe Lo Cubano. Hearing Ruth Reichel in conversation with Isabel Duffy/City Arts & Lectures seems like a far off mid-week deviation. In fact when Ms. Reichel closed she told a story of a friend who teaches at a Bronx middle school.  The instructor held up an orange and half the students didn’t know what it was–the other half thought that orange juice grew in a box.  I wept silently and quietly in the dark hall.  Similiar experience also happened to me when I watched the American Masters show on Alice Waters when they talked to the kids at the Edible Schoolyard.

Here’s about what I can muster for today–a small, fun quiz for food lovers.  Ma naturalmente parlo la lingua della cucina! (10/10!) (Sto sognando recentemente di Roma y Toscana.)