Say it with Flowers

by Jeanne

Gerbera_1 When we plan a special meal taking the care to find the best ingredients, place the good dinnerware on the fine linen tablecloth we often don’t think twice about the floral centerpiece. Many of us buy flowers without considering if we could do one better in this area.

Conventionally grown flowers are bought by us because, well they are pretty and often near perfect looking. The farmers that raise these high-value crops use a huge amount of pesticides to yield consistent growths.  Another consideration is this, 70 percent of cut flowers sold in the U.S. are imported from countries like Ecuador and Colombia, where labor is cheap and pesticide regulations are less stringent. So what’s a host or hostess to do?

Why not buy organic or locally grown blooms, or plan ahead for next year and grow them yourself.  And often times they last just as long or even longer than standard cut flowers.  According to the Organic Trade Association sustainably grown flowers are continue to bud and are having an impact on the $16 billion U.S. floral industry. In the States alone, the newly emerging organic floral market reach $8 million in 2003–that’s a 52 per cent increase over 2002 and continuing to grow at an annual 13 per cent through 2008. 

One of the easiest and smartest ways through the online florist Organic Bouquet.  The company’s mission is to set a new standard for the floral industry by upholding the well being of farm workers, protecting the ecosystem and environmental preservation.  You can help them out next time you need to say it with flowers.

Image: Organic Bouquet