National Iced Tea Day

by Jeanne

Litglass Happy Iced Tea Day.  It’s Friday so I’m raising a tall, cold one to you as we move closer to those long, cold, foggy summer days. Sorry, for most of you they are long and hot.  Here in San Francisco it’s a different story entirely. 

According to the U.S. Tea Association, Americans spent $2 billion on ready-to-drink iced tea last year, 10 times more than we spent in 1990. More than 37 billion glasses of iced tea are consumed every year in the United States and tea is the second most popular beverage in the world – water is first.

But it’s Friday so the variation I’m seeking is in the sassy Long Island Iced Tea–gin, tequila, vodka and white rum stirred together with Coke and triple sec–otherwise known as the kitchen sick drink.  Honestly I can’t drink these anymore like I once did.  Enjoy the weekend…