Willy Wonka

by Jeanne

Charlie_4 Now that I’ve seen Batman Begins–and if you haven’t yet–don’t wait, go…the next movie I’m anxiously awaiting release of is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  I have mixed feelings on this remake but there’s the Johnny Depp-Tim Burton factor and that’s what will get me into the theater.  But really, the first one was pretty perfect.   

So I was hoping the promotion folks over at Nestle would do the smart thing and build a program around the whole hook contained in the movie.  And well, they have–I know it’s not exactly original but how many of us wanted to be one of those kids?

NESTLE WONKA is bringing the magic of the movie to life, with a real nationwide search to find five Golden Tickets! Beginning in June 2005, kids everywhere will be racing to their local candy aisles in hopes of finding a shiny Golden Ticket inside specially marked packages of WONKA® candy, like the five lucky children in Roald Dahl’s classic story, to win five movie-themed grand prizes worth $10,000 EACH!  Naturally there’s a complex prize structure and gobs of other prizes. The five unique grand prizes are one-of-a-kind experiences themed around characters from the film and tied to specific WONKA® candies– the official Wonka website can fill you in.