Let the Race Begin

by Jeanne


I’m distracted right now with the boys of summer–not the Red Sox but the Discovery cycling team.  This obsession has hit me every year since I was 12 and saw I the movie Breaking Away. This effort entails early morning viewing to catch the latest news from France, visiting several blogs and searching for the live feed from OLN online (where is it this year?). The fitness level of these guys astounds and bewilders.  Check out those legs!

So once things get into the new routine–it’s three weeks–I be able to spend time working on some posts which I hope to correct in the next day or so.  Oh sure I’m a Lance fan but I have other favorites–O’Grady, Hincapie (secretly I want to him win); and Zabriskie (he needs some media coaching!).  And this year is un petit bitterseet as I miss Tyler Hamilton.