Podcasts-Lance in France

by Jeanne

Pod I have two obsessions right now the Tour de France and podcasts. With the latest release of ITUNES (4.9) you can now manage–automatically–all your subscriptions in one place.  Now be aware and be warned there’s a lot of mediocre sprinkled with some excellent audio out there. I’ve been doing a lot of heavy listening on my commute.  A review in the form of a post on food podcasts should be ready in the coming week. But since this site is a growing dedication to TDF and food found on the race course, back to why podcasts. 

Sirius has a "Lance in France" short daily program.  A good place to stop and get some local color–weather, chit-chat from the race site.  Aside from the gratuitous Sheryl Crowe dribble, "He’s a bad-ass and a good kisser." , it’s quick and keeps you connected to Lance (via post-race interviews) and other insights and highlights from the day’s cycling. If you have ITUNES 4.9 go to the Store, click on Podcasts in the search box type in Tour de France. Viola subscribe! 

And I think I’ve crossed the line–I find this list of TDF factoids–well, truely fascinating:

  • Calories consumed by a rider per day: 5,900 average, 9,000 max (that’s a lot of cheese!)
  • Most stages won by a single rider, career total: 34, Eddy Merckx (1969: six stages and overall; 1970: eight stages and overall; 1971: four stages and overall; 1972: six stages and overall; 1974: eight stages and overall; 1975: two stages)
  • Most days spent in yellow jersey: 96–Eddy Merckx (in 7 participations)