Stage 10 – Born to Rhone

by Jeanne


Lance Armstrong & George Hincapie-Stage 10 – Avg speed 60mph!

Grenoble to Courchevel, 192.5 km / 119.6 miles

The mountain of climbs are over for the day–two Category 1 hills–just looking at the grades on the graph makes me bonk.  It’s official OLN is driving me crazy.  I prefer the early live early morning race coverage. Tomorrow is the hardest Alpine stage, a 173km/107mi trek over three famed ascents.

I’ve gotten a few emails asking a few basic questions so I thought I’d share the answers here.  The questions asked were about the various meanings of the jerseys:

Yellow – Overall, also called the "GC" (General Classification). It’s worn by the overall first place rider, i.e. adding the times taken to complete each stage so far. Without getting into much detail the lowest elapsed time wins.  Don’t panic in the first week or so if Lance isn’t winning.  The GC riders compete against each other as do the sprinters. This is a long race, with complex rules like cricket–patience my friends.

Green – Is for the sprint points leader and it’s also usually called the sprinter’s jersey awarded to the best overall finisher from stage to stage points are also awarded for intermediate sprint points.

Polka Dot – My favorite.  King of the Mountains or KofM, awarded to the first cyclists over the top each categorized climb get points; it is awarded to the consistently best climber.

White – best young rider under 25

P.S:  Chris if I’m wrong let me know!