Local SF Lunch Cafe Desiree

by Jeanne



                                    Blackberry Lemon Napoleon, Cafe Desiree, San Francisco

Much has been written about San Francisco’s Desiree Cafe.  I think that everyone in the place was taking about wine or food.  I’m convinced the solo female diner at the next table was a cookbook author that I just can’t place.  Annie Gingrass, the owner and chef, has a superior level of experience having contributed to the success of Hawthorne Lane (those bread baskets!) and prior to that, Postrio and Spago.  This simple home-style cafe and menu supports local California Certified Organic farmers making it a perfect fit and spot for a Local Food Challenge meal.  A BLT with fried egg offered a perfect balance of tomato to bacon.  But the dessert (above) was exceptional–rich, not overly sweet, the lemon curd, Chantilly cream and flaky pastry singular and divine. Living local sure tastes good.   

Desiree Cafe

San Francisco Film Centre, Presidio, 39 Mesa Street, San Francisco,(415) 561-2336