High Zen Tea Time

by Jeanne

Charbay Green Tea vodka created by master distiller and winemaker  Miles Charbay_greentea_2 Karakasevic took five years to formulate and perfect.

The bright green liquid contains extractions of four tea varieties from China’s famed Anhwei province, a prime source and growing region along China’s Silk Route. The result is a blend akin to how perfumes are formulated, with a top-note fragrance, middle structure and long, smooth base finish.

Charbay cultivated its own vodka niche back in 1998 with flavored vodkas distilled exclusively from the real fruit–virtually unheard of in the commercial market. Charbay classics are Blood Orange, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Meyer Lemon and Key Lime Vodka–next up is raspberry.

It’s recommended that this blend be served on the rocks or simply chilled in a martini glass. It’s a bit more in cost than you might expect–$35 for a 750ml bottle. Certainly a curious idea given that most of us drink green tea for it’s health benefits.  Could be a whole new taste sensation!