AllRecipes – All To Go

by Jeanne

                                        Recipecard is a very, very large serving of recipes.  It’s a virtual cooking community where 10,000,000 home cooks from around the world come to share, rate and download recipes and meal ideas every year.  Now, if you find yourself at the grocery store and wondering what to make for dinner or perhaps curious about how what to do with an unfamiliar ingredient, you will hold a solution in your hand.

Now with your smart phone or web-enabled PDA along with free software from AvantGo all of the 28,000+ recipes, quick and easy search tools, real time personalized shopping lists, your personalized recipe box and more than 500 food and cooking advice articles are with you, ready to come to your rescue.

Most visitors to are predominantly in the 25-34 age group (72%), and  are female (77%). If you are female, and in this age group, tell me if this is something you would find useful.  Simply because I am missing something.  I suppose there’s a need for this, right?

Image: Knauss Food