Cook the Cover- I’m a Finalist!!

by Jeanne


Well, color me black and tan!  I’m one of three finalists for this month’s Cook the Cover competition at Gourmet Magazine! I know can you believe it?  I can’t, really I can’t. It’s brilliant. 

Some of you will remember this as my entry into this year’s IMBB/Cookie Swap. On a complete whim  I decided to enter them into the publication’s monthly reader event.  I was certain that my entry would be one of hundreds if not thousands of possible entries.

So here’s what I’d like to ask–because although right now as of 7amPST I am in first place with 40% of the voting. However we all know one should never rest until the work is done. After all the Linzers are right on my tail.  I need your support through a daily vote!  Simply vote by going to here  and click on the text next to the big photo that reads–"We’ve chosen our December finalists." Click the the first entry to activate your vote for my recipe entitled "Black and Tan."

The winner’s recipe will be published in a future issue.  There’s also an all expense paid trip to the Gourmet Institute in New York City.  Do I get to meet Ruth? Do I?!

Ohmigawd. Ohmigawd. Breathe. Breathe.  Please vote daily! THANKS!  Winner is announced on January 18–my parent’s 42nd wedding anniversary.