21-Cake Salute

by Jeanne

Don’t ask me how I found this 21 Cake gallery complete with a jazzy music bed.  What a display! I discovered these treats in one of those lost wandering moments we all have from time to time.  But this is so fantastic and impressive.  I think it’s a bakery site in Beijing.  Beautifully decorated cakes–look at the one with a candle in the center, there’s a cheesecake formed as Swiss cheese (why didn’t I think of that?!).  What a concept–21 cakes, 21 fillings. 

It’s primarily in Chinese–there’s not much difference between the Chinese and English versions of the site.  Worth checking out the the small cake captions that are in the windows that open when you click on a cake. Captions that are no less than whimsical and close to haiku:  "The milky baby blue hearts attract you for a quiet distance retreat." Another, "You find her and utter no word. The choking beauty comes from the quietness." For the Green Tea Mousse Cake, "The tea brings a quality time, loneliness has not root here."

Make sure you after you open the secondary window that you click in the upper left hand corner for image two–revealing the cut center of the cake.