Potluck Readings

by Jeanne

Vikram’s Big Fat Indian Wedding  New York Magazine recounts the marriage of Indian playboy, hotelier (Dream and Time) and actor Vikram Chatwal to Priya Sachdev, a model and actor–a multimillion dollar, 10 days, 3 cities and 600 guests from 26 countries affair.   Guests included Deepak Chopra, Bill Clinton and Read the NY Times announcement.  I dream of attending a traditional Indian wedding.

Absolution in a Cup The real meaning of fair trade coffee. "High-end specialty coffees are the fastest growing sector of the industry, and Fair Trade is the fastest growing specialty coffee; demand for it has ballooned by around 70 percent annually for the last five years." Has the fair trade movement lost its way?

Project Runway is over.  I know. You’re surprised that I watch this show.  The attraction comes from the marriage of creativity and drama.  I’m also a huge Tim Gunn fan.  I’ve listened to the finale recap podcast twice.  It’s delicious. (This podcast is available through Itunes–search using ‘Project Runway’.)

How Oxo tools became the gold standard a downtown NYC location allowing easy access to customers and feedback, volatile meetings where "criticism is not just encouraged but venerated," and a lot of listening and watching. Recently I feel in love with the mango splitter which was devised by a minister who travels to underdeveloped countries.

Street Art  The ongoing discussion around graffiti and when it crosses over into art continues. I don’t know the answer but I’ve been a fan for years–mostly work that is illustrative vs. lettering or tags. Os Gemeos, twin brothers from São Paulo, who have shown here in SF took  Art Basel Miami Beach by storm. Their artwork is a bit Dr. Seuss mixed with a sensual and edgy attitude. So maybe it’s when a bomber sells artwork for $20,000 a piece?