The Baker’s Passport

by Jeanne


I’ve been having problems sleeping lately.  I reason this as work related stress from the upcoming launch of a new travel catalog program, recent personal events and the changing of the seasons.  But the upside is that my dreams have been lucidly entertaining.  One dream had me visiting a friend only to open her fridge and find it full of pomegranate in all ways–clear bottles of deep red juice, bowls of glistening seeds, whole cubed fruit seeds still intact. This morning I had a work related dream episode where a management meeting had us shout out a ‘feeling.’ Mine? I’m curious, challenge me. Boy that speaks volumes.

So in order to channel that latent bubbling energy I am going to turn to my writing and launch an idea that I’ve had simmering for a while now–The Baker’s Passport

I’ve often daydreamed about being a flanuer.  Simply outfitted with my passport, camera and boundless curiosity I explore the world near and far to learn about food cultures.  Short of cash but not on desire this project will view the world through that of a baker. Another way to look at it would be this, if I was to travel to that country in mind what would be the one sweet treat that I would  need to seek out and savor.

Any effort of this sort is overwhelming at first. In evaluating this quest I’ve shaped it as follows: I will learn a bit about the culture of food and place and in turn post a recipe that defines that country.  Now my political friends will now ask how are you defining a country? To quiet that discussion I am going to lean on the United Nations. If they so say it so say I.  How many is that?  Eek. That’s 192. Sixteen dozen recipes–if I’m lucky.  I’m also wanting to learn about the food culture in each country as this helps me see the similarities and appreciate the differences.  The trip holds a lot of promise.  If your coming bring your sweet tooth.