Launching in the New Year

by Jeanne


Ultimately, I rationalize to myself, this blog is for me — a way of capturing crumbs and other food-related jetsam.  Over the last 3 1/2 years I’ve gone from being prolific to occasional to quiet.  That last bit snuck up on me, one never intends to go quiet.  Distracted with life’s comings and goings. It’s been two months since I was last here.  And for those of you near and far who do send me emails about my whereabouts I’ll do my best to go beyond the "I’m busy."

Mainly I have been dealing with the ups and downs of life.  Family, work and personal projects. I’ve been on the road these last six months.  I’ve become such a road warrior that I’m seriously considering that my next bed should most definitely be a Heavenly Bed.  Dreamy.  I also drove over the Golden Gate Bridge with 50+ mph winds during Storm 2008.  That was quite possibly the most idiotic thing I may have ever done.  My new IPOD took a walk in Florida at a conference, I danced with a Cruella de Ville and drove up and down the coast again stopping with a long-time friend at my favorite taco stand in King City.

One of those categories, work, has some of the big news that I’d like to share.  After 9 months of strategizing, selling-in and then building and creating,  I have launched a travel magazine!  This is honestly the largest professional endeavor that I have ever taken on.  It’s also something that many years back, in journalism school, I envisioned myself doing.  It’s huge. It’s trying. And frankly, should not be taken on casually.  I have a deeper respect now for all publication editors out there.  The ability to put out a publication, regardless of the frequency (weekly editors must live on a rotational diet of ibuprofen, caffeine and cigarettes!) is a feat in itself. Never mind that you need to continue to stay current , maintain a vision and constantly innovate so that readership is engaged and growing.   And if it was only an one-off effort.  The bi-monthly production cycle is such that while the main issue is primary the next two are also stirring.  And the released issue continues to breathe in the form of reader response and production process. 

So about the magazine, it’s a motor club members-only who buy travel from us.   I’m managing a travel publication. Wow. How cool is that? Like I said it’s not all  mai-tais and jetsetting.  Given that it’s a marketing publication it’s meant to do all those marketing things, such as raise awareness of international cruises, tours; educate readers around the fact that everyone should have a travel agent (really, don’t just search TripAdvisor–ask someone you know and trust!); and finally move these products with sales. 

In the first issue we wrote about the Amalfi Coast, a New Zealand road trip, a culinary cruise with Gary Danko (he’s going to the Med with us!) our partnership with UNESCO World Heritage (that was another exciting coup d’etat that I was part of!) and Montenegro.  The image above is of the cover of Issue #1.  The inside of the publication has a great fresh and approachable design. If you are a friend or a family member and would like a copy send me an email with your address. Our next issue is on traveling with your family. 

Well the rain continues to come this weekend so I’m planning on pulling together a few posts with recipes to share.  In the meanwhile check out this BBC link of art with food spectacular, eh?