Late July Organics

Pb_rich_lg Cape Cod Potato Chips makes a great chip. Twenty-five years ago the Bernard family began producing a potato chip that not only tasted great but was made without trans fats, hydrogenated oils, corn syrup, artificial flavors, artificial colors or preservatives. It’s not not your typical chip.  It’s thicker, crunchier and tastes, well, like a potato.  It certainly makes a green girl feel less guilty about her snacking.

So when I heard that the company has founded Late July Organic Snacks, and that they are hoping to do for sandwich crackers what they did for potato chips in the ’80s–well it’s worth checking out.  One of the first product roll-outs will be a a replacement for those vending machine orange and peanut butter crackers. The difference being that creamy, organic Valencia ground peanut butter and aged, organic cheddar cheese will be sandwiched between their organic Classic Rich Crackers.

In the organic food category organic snack foods are the red-hot.  Large food companies such as Frito-Lay has emerged as the No. 1 seller of organic snacks. It recently introduced organic Tostitos chips and Doritos. But remember just because it’s organic doesn’t mean that it’s good for the you. 

Late July’s  USDA certified organic snacks are available nationally in natural products stores, gourmet stores and supermarkets such as Whole Foods and Wild Oats.  The packaging is pretty swell, too.